Create automated programs so you can reach more clients and help them improve more effectively. On your own time, on your own terms.

Before BestBeing


Does it feel like you're trading money for time?

That you're being pulled in many directions?

That you spend more time running your business than getting new clients?

That you've got the expertise, but not the time?

Yup, we get it...

After BestBeing

Convert your service to an online program and let it do the work for you.

Reach clients when you need them and let an automated program handle the rest.


Build revolutionary automated programs

Scale without sacrificing interactivity and personalization

Easily scale your business.

BestBeing offers a comprehensive set of features to help you find, keep, manage, and empower clients

  • Automate and customize your programs based on your service or business
  • Harness AI lead generation to increase your reach
  • Receive AI-backed data and insights on your clients, their progress and performance of your program
  • Streamline scheduling, payments, and customer management
  • Chat with leads and follow up with clients using our built-in messanger

Who's using us?

Life Coach
Content Creator
Holistic Health Coach
Career Coach
Relationship Coach
Yoga Instructor
Meditation Teacher
Wellness Coach
Fitness Coach
Productivity Coach
Leadership Coach
Business Coach
Spiritual Teacher
Mindfulness Coach
Mental Health Coach

Providers of ALL stages can benefit from using our automated program builder.

What providers are saying

"I can't believe how much of a difference BestBeing has made. I can finally focus my time where my business needs it most and give my clients the attention they deserve."

- Marcia Andrade, Life Coach

"Automating my programs was the BEST thing I could do for my business."

- Robert P., Mental Health Coach

Earn income doing what you love.

Make a living from your passion

Scale smart through digitizing your business on BestBeing


Expanding your audience has never been easier.

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